Save page «scheme wedding necklaces Girl Dreams I suggest you plan a wedding set jewelry for the bride’s «Dream Girl» — necklace and earrings (see photo jewelry (tatting design) to the bride). And the option of wedding jewelry handbags. Material for a wedding set «Dream Girl» (ankars, tatting patterns): * Thread polyester, lurex; * Transparent beads (11 / 0); * Beads «on a pearl» (size 4 mm); * Crystal cut[…]

Save page «scheme wedding necklaces Tatiana» Wedding necklace «Tatiana» I created inspired by the work of several masters: Olga Kuzmina, Doane Dalt and Rebecca Pippls. Necklace «Tatiana» — is a synthesis of my experiences. Material for a wedding necklace «Tatiana» (see photo necklace on the bride): * Beads white (or cream) in different shades (11 / 0, 9 / 0); * Beads with gold midway «light» (11 / 0); *[…]