«Girl’s Dream»: the scheme Ankars (tatting). Wedding necklaces, earrings.

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I suggest you plan a wedding set jewelry for the bride’s «Dream Girl» — necklace and earrings (see photo jewelry (tatting design) to the bride). And the option of wedding jewelry handbags.

Wedding earrings for the bride (ankars, tatting)

Material for a wedding set «Dream Girl» (ankars, tatting patterns):

* Thread polyester, lurex;
* Transparent beads (11 / 0);
* Beads «on a pearl» (size 4 mm);
* Crystal cut glass beads are transparent (size 2 mm)
* Shuttle for tatting, needle for beads;
* Castle, clasp earrings.

Step 1 — whips necklaces in the technique of tatting (Ankars)

1. Weave the foundation for a future necklace in Technology tatting scheme without the Beads:

The scheme of the wedding necklace (Ankars, tatting design)

2. Then embroidered basis at its discretion, beads and beads. I did so:

The scheme of the wedding necklace (Ankars, tatting lace)

* Gray circles — transparent glass beads;
* Pink circles — beads, a pearl »
* Blue circles — cut crystal beads are transparent.

Here is what I got:

Wedding necklace (Ankars, tatting, frivolite)

3. Attach the lock.

Step 2 — whip earrings technology tatting (Ankars, frivolite)

1. For earrings, I used a piece of circuit necklaces:

The scheme of the wedding earrings (ankars, tatting)

2. I earrings adorned by this scheme:

The scheme of the wedding earrings (Ankars, tatting)

3. Attach Hooks. I used such.

Wedding earrings (Ankars, tatting)

Step 3 — decorate wedding purse in the technique of tatting (Ankars)

To decorate the wedding bag I used the same element, as for earrings. And unobtrusive paneling beads.

As a result, here is how the result of our work — wedding set «Dream Girl» in the technique Ankars (tatting with beads).

Wedding necklaces (Ankars, tatting)


If you change the color, then this scheme can be spun very beautiful and gentle solemn or even everyday decoration. For example, as a necklace «Marlene» (on the same scheme) — in gold and beige tones.

Author: Darina Nikonova

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